As a Mumbaikar and Punekar, we always rush to Lonavala & Khandala as the season changes, to breathe the fresh natural air. Here we bring you the most offbeat weekend getaway near Mumbai.


It is located in coastal region of Alibaug. Alibaug is the beautiful quaint city with amazing beaches and such is the one Nagaon beach which offers beach camping near Alibaug. Most of the time, adventure lover go for the tent camp weekend in Alibaug.

For the New Year, Alibaug beach camping price is high due to year end parties and celebration otherwise revdanda beach camping cost remains the same all over the year. Almost 5 to 10 thousand people visit Revdanda beach alibaug for 31st December. Alibuag camping 31st December includes a memorable night camping tents along with the live music, DJ and food.

Alibag camping season starts from November to March April. Alibaug night camping was illegal but nowadays govt. gave a green signal to beach tourism and it started again.

Major camping spots in Alibaug

1)      Revdanda Fort Camping

2)      Revdanda Beach Camping at Alibaug

3)      Nagaon Beach Camping in Alibaug

These are main top three spots for camping near Alibaug beach. All three are legal now. It is just that you can’t just go and pitch your tent. It should be a proper campsite and you should have a booking with them. For Booking Revdanda Beach camping contact – Mr. Yogendra – 9970377855.

Nagaon beach Alibaug offers stunning views and good sand to have a picnic with friends and family.

How to travel for the Camping in Alibaug?

·        From Mumbai to Alibag Beach Camping site – One can travel by ferry. Start from Gateway of India till Mandwa jetty. By bus, you can reach Alibaug city from Mandwa. From Alibaug, Nagoan beach camping is just 10 KMs away. One can hire an auto to reach beach camp of Alibag.

·        Mumbai to Alibaug camping distance is 100 Kms and generally takes 3 hours by car.

·        There are no trains to Alibaug, so plan accordingly.

How to travel revdanda beach camping in alibaug from Pune?

·        Pune to Alibaug camping distance is 150 Km and mostly takes 4 hrs by car. You can take the following route – Pune – Lonavala – Khalapur Exit – Pen – Alibaug camping beach.

One of the best tent camping near beach is provide in Alibaug Revdanda Maharashtra. Tourist visit from Gujarat, Hydrabad and Nashik to make the most out of Alibaug weekend camp night. Alibaug Tents are more kind of adventurous and can accommodate 2 to 4 pax in one tent house. Alibaug camping booking must be done in advance by paying INR 500 per person only. Remaining amount you can pay on the spot in cash.

Alibaug beach tent have various attractive colours. I have seen Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange as well. Most of the Alibaug tent are chinese tents and not the quality tents. As its very much humid by the bay, double layer tents as such not required. Revdanda Beach tent were initially imported Quechua tents but later it was found to be uncomfortable due to morning heat.


While booking ask for beachside camp in Alibaug only, all other are of no use. Revdanda beach camping cost is INR 1200 to INR 1500 depending upon the inclusion provided. Revdanda camping price is mostly fixed on weekends. One has to book Revdanda beach camping online before making a visit.