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What do we know about extreme adventure sports? Well, extreme adventure generally has a high-risk factor that involves speed and height. Since we are speaking of extreme adventure, it is mandatory to speak about Bungee Jumping. Bungee jumping is one of the most adrenaline stimulating activities in extreme adventure. It involves leaping from a great height while you are connected to a large elastic rope that is tied to your ankle. As you tak... e a leap from the height, the cord stretches and rebounds. This up and down trampoline-like experience is simply one of the best feelings to overcome fear.

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While all this sounds exciting, bungee jumping requires well trained and equipped operators. It requires the operators to be experienced professionals with the most reliable equipment and stringent safety policies. The best bungee jumping operators and also the first operators in India are in Rishikesh. There are other places one can experience Bungee jumping such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Lonavala and Goa.

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