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Sailing is a fantastic recreational activity that has been quite popular in the west; over the years, like other adventure activities, Sailing has become a popular recreational activity in the high-society. Sailing is one of the trickiest activities that require manoeuvring the Yacht and navigate the sailboat in different directing with the help of wind. With a massive coastline and spectacular waters, Sailing has become a popular activity ... especially on the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. While sailing in the Bay of Bengal is done more like a sport with sailing competitions, Sailing in the Arabian Sea is more like a recreational activity. 

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Experience a unique way of exploring the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea. Experience the tranquillity on the sea as the waves hit the boat, relax and enjoy the time you are at the sea. Surely you will fall in Love with Sailing after this. You will be accompanied by a trained sailor, you can pick up some basic techniques from them and enjoy sailing on own. It is important to follow all the safety instructions giving by the sailor to enjoy the experience without any hindrance. 


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